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one on one & Group Sessions

One on One. 

1:1 Together we will break down limiting beliefs and set up an easy action plan to reach your goal. Goals can be health related, personal, financial, etc.  It's about stepping into the next best version of you. 

Sessions are super personal, deep and transformative.

For best results I suggest booking 4 sessions.

Group Sessions.
Group Sessions are available through out the year via a private facebook group. OPEN NOW!


My next session begins MARCH 1st and the focus is on health and weight loss, following The Goddess Way of Losing Weight. 

Book With Me Now

In a 30 minute session we will create an easy action plan to set up your foundation to sustainable success.

I've been where you are, and I know the feeling of being stuck in a body that does not feel right to you. I've lost 60 pounds with ease - no diet - no starvation! Just putting myself 1st on my to-do list.


I'll help you dream, let go of limiting beliefs & create an easy action plan. I'm here to hold you accountable and cheer you on. I'll be your best bud, with love and support.

You got this! I believe in you!
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Goddess Way of Living makes the path to transformation easy and fun!  I look forward to Cristin's comforting and motivating meditations each morning, and her daily prompts make it feel easy to practice being your best self.  This program sets the foundation for mindfulness as a way of life. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to be part of a supportive community of women on a similar path. 


The Goddess Way is a fantastic program. Not only does the program help you to shift your mindset but the group really help supports you. The daily activities, journal prompts, and meditations are great assets and tools. Cristin is force of inspiration! She weaves in her personality and spirituality, into her practical tools for your success with a genuine heart and a bright light.

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