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Hi, I'm Cristin

Mom. Creative Entrepreneur. Coach. Author. 

I help women find their path and build their foundation to become their best selves.  With mindfulness and meditation we can find peace in every step along the way. 

I'm a certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.  More than those 2 pieces of paper though, I believe.  I believe we were put here, on this beautiful earth to enjoy life with ease. Hurdles, obstacles and sadness may arise, but I'll help you build a strong foundation that you'll be able to get back up with ease & grace and learn what you can from it. 

I have 2 wonderful programs; The Goddess Way of Living and The Goddess Way of Losing weight. 

I offer group coaching as well as one-on-one! Please feel free to connect by booking a session or clicking the let's chat below and I'll get back to you with-in a day or so. 



"The way Cristin guided us through daily meditation and journal prompts assisted in helping me to learn new, beneficial daily habits. As a result of the program, not only have I shed a few pounds in only 3 short weeks, I have stuck to a routine of daily walks, drinking extra water, making healthier food choices, journaling, doing mundane tasks with ease, and most importantly maintains a positive mindset. I highly recommend Cristin’s program."

Melanie D- 

The Goddess Way of Losing Weight

The Goddess Way of Losing Weight is a 21 day guide to help women build a solid foundation of weight loss success, wellness, happiness and peace. 


Every day there is a new intention, journal prompt and guided mediation to help you connect with your higher self to manifest your dream body and dream life.  It's so much more than weight loss, it's finding peace around food, your health and daily routine.  It's putting you back on top of your to-do list all with ease and joy. 


Contact Me

If you're ready to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life and want to connect, shoot me a message below: 

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Morning Meditation to HaVe A Great Day

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About My Mediations

The mediations I offer are custom guided journeys to help you sit, relax, connect with yourself to find ease and joy in all that you do. 

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